The “Personal Brand of the Month” goes to…

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Each month I give my verdict on who has shown the world the strongest and most attractive brand. My latest personal brand of the month goes to…

Joanna Lumley

Here’s why.
It’s not everyday that you hear about a high profile celebrity proposing an iconic urban project that will shape and enhance her city. Then again, Joanna Lumley isn’t just any A-lister…

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 Collaborating with Olympic cauldron designer Thomas Heatherwick to make her dream of a “Garden Bridge” across the Thames a reality, Joanna has gained powerful allies in the project, including Boris Johnson, who has said the scheme would help make the capital “a more walkable and liveable city”. However, while planning authorities approved the Garden Bridge last year, reports emerged this month revealing that it faces growing opposition by high profile opponents, including St Paul’s Cathedral. Joanna continues to stand strong, vowing to make her vision a reality.  After all, power brands stand by their vision and fight for their beliefs…especially when the going gets tough.

Joanna is a prime example of what must be one of the most respected, and much loved British personal brands. A former bond girl and Ab-Fab sensation, Joanna has depth and epitomizes a “socially responsible personal brand”.

A daughter of an officer in a Gurkha regiment, she used her celebrity pull and high-powe
red friends to influence a change in policy by the British government over the rights of Gurkhas to settle in Britain.  Given how close the issue hit home, this was a major personal victory for Joanna.

On a smaller, quirkier scale, she was part of a celebrity barrel-rolling relay to raise money for Help for Heroes last month. Regardless of the size of the event, her message remains consistent: “We shall never forget the duty of care we owe to those who have been damaged in conflict for our sakes and the sake of our country.”

Joanna’s other major cause is mental health awareness. She was a strong supporter for Sane’s Black Dog Campaign to raise awareness of the impact of depression and combat the stigma. She again offered her unique personal touch, designing a black dog statue for the charity by covering it with her kisses. In February this year, she also appeared on Comic Relief Bake-Off, baking alongside Dame Edna, Jennifer Saunders and Lulu.

She is also well known for being vegetarian and championing animal rights, as well as her status as a close confidante of the British Royal Family. Now that’s a power brand, sweetie dahling!


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