“Brand Influencer(s)” of the Month: Meet our Vintage Fashion Influencers!

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Meet Vintage Fashion Influencers Larissa Blintz & Amy Roiland

Last month we looked at the colourful Courtney Quinn, aka @colormecourtney. While doing our research, we came across two fab vintage fashion bloggers who were equally intriguing and deserving of the spotlight.

Defining your personal brand as “vintage” may be appealing, but not everyone can pull it off. If you don’t have the right eye, it can quite quickly go very wrong. Luckily, each of these bloggers has that savvy, and each approaches it in her own unique way.

Larissa Blintz

First up is Larissa Blintz, who uses her Instagram account to promote a vintage shop, Miracle Eye, that she co-owns with her mum in LA. Larissa’s look is more playful and wackier, and her posts make it look as though she is having a whole lot of fun. The colours pop out, and she has been careful not to limit herself just to clothes – something which means she has more leeway to be creative. We also see her mum every now again, and the feeling she creates is warm and welcoming.

Moreover, with over 22k followers, Larissa is proof that one can get results from doing what one loves. She started selling vintage clothes from eBay as a teenager who was being severely bullied, eventually asking her mum (who was a seamstress) to come on board. They now have their own brick-and-mortar shop and specialise in 60s and 70s clothes, just like the Instagram account. Today, she employs her whole family.

Her story is hugely inspiring for anyone, especially young people who are feeling victimised or isolated.

Larissa has been featured in Voyage LA, Gem, and DazeyLA.

Amy Roiland

Amy is a designer, and you can see a high level of art in her posts. On her Instagram account with over 154k followers, Amy  manages to blend both smouldering and fun together, and uses her posts to tell a story of how she put the shot together which adds another layer of interest.

Amy also has the very visual blog A Fashion Nerd. There, she offers the option of paid collaborations with brands. And, with that many followers, it must be a tempting prospect to help put them on the map. You can find her own designs here; she also has an app, Fashion tap, a social network designed catering for the fashion industry.

Amy also lets us into her personal life, sharing pictures and links to her daughter’s account. She’s also been featured in MiloweKids, Olaplex, Voyage LA and Con Art magazine.

Two different bloggers, two different styles, two different stories: both of them proof that you can do things your own way, creating businesses and having fun along the way.



As always, you can find our influencers on the socials!

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