Top ten posts for overcoming personal (brand) obstacles

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Even if we have a strong sense of our personal brand and how to project it, we will always come up against those sneaky (or not so sneaky) life derailers: the break-ups, the difficult job interviews, those awkward conversations, the lockdowns…

It’s exactly at these times that our personal brand can act as a guide to lead us through. Moreover, sometimes the fall-out from a traumatic or difficult situation may even teach us something about our brands of which we were previously unaware.

Here I have gathered my top ten articles on personal branding obstacles, and how to turn to your brand to help navigate them:

1) How to build resilience into your personal brand:

2) Sidestepping the trap of perfectionism:

3) Dealing with those difficult people:

4) Personal branding for online dating – a challenge if ever there was one:

5) Coping with anxiety and professional speaking:

6) How to get others on board with big changes:

7) Reinventing your brand:

8) Using envy to motivate and inspire you, rather than drag you down:

9) Getting through heartbreak:

10) Last but not least, how to prevent everyday stress from hijacking your brand:

Of course, there are lots of life obstacles out there that didn’t make this list, but I hope this selection will give you an idea of how to prevent them from sabotaging your personal brand, even just a bit!


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