A look back: Your personal brand inventory

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Another New Year. What better time to step back and reflect on the state of your personal brand? For this post, I’m simply going to offer some questions to help you reflect on your personal brand last year as a step towards building an even stronger brand for this one.

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, everyone has a personal brand, whether they realize it or not. It essentially comes down to how others perceive you…what they say about you when you’re not in the room. Your personal brand is the total picture of how others see you and what you represent, not just the product you’ve created or the position you fill. It’s about the person behind the product or position…and their personal story. It’s about what makes them unique, compelling and memorable.


So here is my quick and dirty inventory intended to help you reflect on your brand:

1. Your Inner Brand

  1. Over this past year, think about how you may have been perceived by others. What three words would your clients and/or co-workers use to describe you? Your boss? Your family? Your friends? Others in your the community?
  2. What accomplishments over the past year set you apart from others?
  3. Who where your biggest influences or inspirations?
  4. What unique traits or strengths did you discover about yourself?
  5. What did you feel most passionate about (work or personal)?
  6. Were there times when you shined, or you felt you were at your personal best?
  7. Which world events or personal causes last year that moved you the most?
  8. What weaknesses would you like to make less relevant?
  9. What personal values were the strongest?
  10. Did you accomplish the professional and/or personal goals you set for yourself this year?
  11. Did you feel good about your answer when people asked “what do you do”?

2.  Your outer brand

  1. Do you feel you “looked the part” last year? Did your personal style accurately reflect the image you intended to project?
  2. Overall, do you feel you had a sense of presence when you walked into a room?
  3. How would you describe your overall level of assertiveness and ability to effectively communicate?
  4. Did your lifestyle (home, leisure, health) over the past year align with the image you intended to project?
  5. Did you effectively communicate your personal brand to a wider audience, including engaging in social media and promoting your online presence?

It’s quick and dirty, but hopefully you’ve extracted a few useful things to work with. Now that you’ve done the dirty work, we’ll kick off the new year with some posts to help you build and manage your brand more effectively to get the results you want this year and many more to come.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Golden Notebook!



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