Technically British: Finding inspiration in the Opening Ceremony to “shape up” your peronal brand

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In celebration of the Olympics, the past couple of posts have explored the health and fitness aspect of personal branding.

As a fun follow up to our last post, spogo’s Richard Pearey gives his analysis of the 2012 Opening Ceremony, and speaks to the importance of a “youth branded digital age” to jump start personal fitness initiatives.

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GN: So Richard, give us your thoughts on the 2012 Opening Ceremony.

“It was wonderfully British, but also made great efforts to include and then inspire the younger generation. Not only did Sir Steve Redgrave hand over the great honour of lighting the cauldron to 7 young hopefuls, but there was an entire section devoted to the digital age; which is key to why we are confident we will be the first nation to successfully use the Olympics to encourage greater participation in sport and physical activity.”

GN: How can the digital age impact us in terms of improving the fitness aspect of our personal brand?

“Technology allows us to make it easy to find and book exercise, to inform us as to the huge range of sports and physical activities available and what we need to participate. It even provides an extraordinary creative range of apps and monitoring devices to help make your exercise as motivating as possible. ┬áBut it also allows the less assured person to explore the options anonymously – to find other people who might love to try a new sport, but are a little nervous, or want to get fitter and lose weight. It enables them to share their feelings and build confidence (a key aspect of personal branding!).”

GN: Hence the arrival of spogo, the sports and activities finder we featured in our last post.

“Right now and in the immediate aftermath of the Olympics, spogo will be harnessing the festival spirit of the Games to encourage as many people as possible to use the service to find sports and activities to try.”

What impeccable timing indeed for focusing on the fitness of your personal brand. Thanks Richard!

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  1. Sam Parton says:

    Complete agree with these comments, keep up the good work Spogo!

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