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Welcome to our “Spotlight On…” segment!
In this series of interviews, we shine a spotlight on creatives to uncover what makes their personal brand so strong and, well, creative.

Meet Laura Milligan, designer and creator of Laura Felicity Design.  Laura creates designer wallpaper and home accessories, helping clients create unique and individual interior spaces for their home.

Here’s my interview with her:

Has creativity always been a central part of your personal brand? If not, when did it start to become more prominent in your life?

Yes, creativity is what started my business, and helped develop the personal brand I have today.

It began with myself drawing/designing what I love, and what I would like to see out in the market. As this developed, I realised I have a particular style to my designs, and now I make sure every pattern design I draw is in keeping with my original style.

Plus how I involved colour to begin with, and the colours I use for each design now plays a part in the over brand’s look. Again, this started as a personal taste, when it came to why I used the colours I did. And now it has evolved over the years to be a main factor in product development.

How do you express your creativity, as part of your personal brand, on a daily basis?

One area I express my creativity is through Social Media, in particular Instagram. This is a brilliant tool to show who you are/what you do, and what your business is about. Whilst putting together an online portfolio, to create your personal brand.

I do take the time to plan how my Laura Felicity Design Instagram page will look. I don’t put every/any photograph up on there, it has been thought through first. Instastories has been brilliant addition recently to Instagram, because I can now put more images and videos up that I wouldn’t necessarily use at that time, but people can connect with me more.

When people click and scroll through my Instagram page, I want them to feel like they understand what my business is about/what I am selling, and fall in love the Laura Felicity Design world.

This is the same for my Pinterest Page as well, but this is aimed more as inspiration boards for clients, rather than getting to understand me, and the business.

However, it does show Laura Felicity Design’s personal brand, and its style I’m aiming to achieve for/with clients.

Does being creative generally flow, or do you have to coax it out?

I would say yes, being creative does generally flow for me. I am always being inspired by what’s around me; my mind does not stop processing. Whether it’s taking photos of the everyday, on my phone whilst out walking the dog (being based in the countryside it’s mainly natural landscape, farm land and it’s seasons, nature etc).

Or spotting interesting colour combinations, and/or pattern design inspiration in different locations when out on trips away, or out with friends. Everything around me I find very inspiring. It’s how I then channel these focuses and turn them into something creative, which is needed to suit my brand.

There are times when I have had creative blocks. For this I’ve realised (over time), you can’t force it out. It tends to come back to me when I take a day off or have a break, and do something for myself. Without realising I will start to feel inspired again, taking in everything I see around me.

What would you say are some of your core values, and do you tend to turn to them in your creative work?

Everything I have designed, or go about designing has to make people smile and feel a sense of happiness, creating happy memories within their home.

I enjoy producing products to help people feel welcome and calm in their homes, from having a statement feature wallpaper, or window blind to bring a room together, freshening up a room by involving a new lampshade, ceiling shade or art print. To storing your make up in one of my ‘pretty useful’ make up bags. This is achieved through the pattern design, colours I use, and quality of the finished item.

I work alongside British manufacturers who I consider to be apart of the Laura Felicity Design team to make sure my brand’s standards for making are high, and all fabrics are of quality to last for many years to come.

What or who inspires you?

It sounds very cliché if I say everything…but it’s true. I am an avid collector of colour swatches and patterned fabrics and papers. I love combining eclectic patterns together, to design something a little bit different that’s already on the market.

Most of my inspiration comes when I am out walking the dog in the beautiful countryside, which we have recently moved to. Walking amongst fields and farmland through the different British seasons, and watching nature develop over these times is fascinating. I’ve always got my phone in hand to make sure I take photos, which may become an inspiration for a pattern later down the line.

Walking around design shows and events, and even in home department stores also inspires me. I try to take in pattern and colour combinations wherever I can.

What advice would you have for someone who would like to express more creativity as part of their personal brand? Any specific advice for those initiating a creative career?

Start off by keeping your eyes and mind open. Take in as much inspiration you can around you. Whether this is being out on your everyday journey to and from work, or walking around an exhibition, museum, and design event, to having an inspiring conversation with someone. Everything you do is research. Magazines and online platforms are also great, but I find being out and about is a more successful way to get your creative juices inspired.

Once you are on your path, you can then start to look around and see how you can define and develop your personal brand. Tweak it, alter it more, until it’s streamlined to your satisfaction.

You can find Laura at, and follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. Laura says:

    Thank you very much for featuring me and the Laura Felicity Design business on your great Blog Lisa. I really enjoyed answering these questions.
    Best Wishes,

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