Meet the “High Priestess of Interiors”: An interview with Abigail Ahern

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It’s not everyday that one gets an intimate glimpse into the world of one of their all time favourite designers and trendsetters in interiors. But after attending one of Abigail Ahern’s brilliant Master Classes recently, I had the opportunity to tour her stunning East London home, where I found myself soaking up inspiration at every breath-taking turn. Her dark, eclectic and quirky style has a certain magic about it, drawing guests into a wonderfully inviting rabbit hole of discoveries. What was immediately apparent was how brilliantly her spectacular home and inspiring workshop (not to mention her super cool London flagship store) seem to capture her personal brand.  Needless to say, I was delighted to interview the designer (known as the “high priestess of interiors”) about what makes her such a strong personal brand!

Tell me a bit about the person behind the Abigail Ahern label. What is she most passionate about?

Interiors. I live, breath, think about them 24/7 and adore them. I am obsessed with creating spaces that make you want to plonk down, curl up with a book, snuggle by the fire. The crazier my life gets the more I want to drill into every little corner and create a sanctuary.

What three words would you use to describe your personal brand?

Glamourous, boho, mussed up.

Who were your biggest influences or personal inspirations in shaping your brand?

Travel pretty much is my biggest influence, particularly Asia and how they play with shape and colour.

I have to admit that you are one of my personal design heroes. Who are your design heroes and why?

Two American designers have inspired me Jonathan Adler & Kelly Wearstler. They decorate differently, think outside the box.

Your home is absolutely amazing. How does it reflect your personal brand? What do you love the most?

Thank you, I only buy and design what I love so my store looks like my house and my house looks like my store. Also I love everything in my pad…impossible to choose.

You host your design master classes at your home, which you personally run yourself. I recently attended one, and everything about the workshop seemed to have your personal touch, from making us tea to taking us on a personal tour of your home. It’s quite an intimate thing to open up your home and share a personal glimpse of your life with your consumers. Why do you do it?

I love teaching, happened upon it by accident by doing one masterclass a few years ago and I get so much enjoyment from seeing people literally change throughout the day from thinking they can’t do something to believing they can. It’s inspiring.

Are there any causes or charities you work with? 

They’re aren’t right now, we are the smallest team working a zillion hours a day and with so much going on that we haven’t really had the time to think outside of what we are doing. In the future its something I would like to give time to.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone trying to establish themselves as a strong personal brand in your industry?

Follow your own identity and stay strong. It’s not an easy industry to infiltrate and you need a lot of resilence.

What about your vision as a creative, what does the next chapter hold for you?

More books, international design classes, a curtain range, a carpet range and a column for a national newspaper. Pretty crazy in 2018!


To learn more about Abigail Ahern, check out her fab site,


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