Conveying your personal brand…in front of the camera!

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As part of our personal branding, many of us have regular professional photos taken for our social media or websites. As not everyone is a natural in front of the camera, it can really be an ordeal for some. Perhaps that why so many people update them so irregularly. However, old, out of date pictures aren’t giving people an impression of the authentic you and it’s that authenticity that is so important for your personal brand.

Our guest blogger this month, photographer Yolande de Vries of, has worked with BBC News, London Fashion Week, and Look magazine, as well as shooting hundreds of professional photos, wedding shots and following her first love, photojournalism. All of which make her the perfect choice for me to turn to for some insider professional advice on how to better express your personal brand (and just look better!) in photos.

Photographer Yolande de Vries

Here’s what Yolande says…

Hair and make up

It is good to get this done, but do make sure that you ask for a more polished, groomed version of you. This isn’t the time to play around with a new style, colour or make up look that could go drastically wrong. Even if you are merely feeling uncomfortable and not yourself, it will show in your photos.


Have you head the term “Smizing” ? Basically, it’s making sure that your smile reaches your eyes to give a more natural, connected look.  Try to embrace the camera like a friend. The more natural your expression, the more you will draw people in.


If you have a business which has a brand colour, do wear that. You don’t have to come dressed head to toe in turquoise if that’s your brand colour, but make sure it’s there for us to see.

Also, think about the setting. If you are being photographed outside, you want to choose colours that will pop against the greenery, such a bright pink or red.

Your photographer

Listen to your photographer and their suggestions for how you should sit, stand and pose. At the same time, do tell them if you have a best side or would like them to try to hide or minimise something you don’t like. Most photographers know some tricks and techniques for this kind of thing.


Don’t drink alcohol the night before, get a good night’s sleep and load up on plenty of H20.


Think about your body clock and schedule a time of day when you feel your best. So, even if a
photographer is keen to get the early morning light and you know you don’t really get going until much later, tell them.


Choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. You need to feel yourself and at ease too. You certainly don’t want to be worrying about sucking your tummy in over the waistband!


Above images are by Yolande de Vries. To contact Yolanda, click here!



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  1. Hela Wozniak-Kay says:

    Yolande is one of the super talented #photographers at #sistersnog. She consistently captures the essence of our brand and the eclectic mix of members who are part of our tribe of trailblazers. Every time she sends through the photographs – it’s like opening a treasure chest of treasured moments suspended in time. I can’t sing her praises enough & salut her for embracing the talent she was born with.

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