“Brand Influencer” of the Month: Meet Mrs O Around the World

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Welcome to our “Brand Influencer” series, where we take a focused look at the personal brand of Influencers and discover the key drivers behind their success.

In the first of our “Brand Influencer” series, we shine a spotlight on:

Mrs O Around the World

Mrs O is the pen-name of Ana Silva O’Reilly. Originally from Portugal, Mrs O runs her own boutique strategic marketing consultancy, which she says on her website takes up 70% of her time. This means that her Influencer persona is her side hustle, and what a side hustle it is!

So, what are the key components to her Influencer success?

For a long time, Mrs O was known as a luxury travel blogger, reporting from destinations like the Maldives and Florence in beautifully shot videos, photos and prose. This year, she has proven herself to be adaptable by adjusting her website’s focus to include online shopping and lifestyle content. Pieces on shopping highlight Champagne and luxury beauty items alongside ads for brands like Fortum and Mason, as you would expect.

Despite the plethora of luxury items, you do get the impression that this is all part of the real Mrs O. She also shows us occasional glimpses into her life – her lockdown date nights her husband, photos of family, the personal stories of the disappointment of IVF – these all help build a rounder picture of the real woman behind the brand. Her voice is also an authentic one, informing us on everything from Coronavirus Lockdown Essentials to Luxury Hotel Toiletries Worth Stealing.

Outer Presentation
Across her site and social media, we can find well-composed and visually appealing photos – some great outer branding. It’s easy to keep scrolling and scrolling, living for a while in this gorgeously curated world. Even when she’s clearing out her shoe cupboard, she manages to make her post look like a busy afternoon at the Selfridges Shoe Emporium.

Audience Engagement
She also has that much sought-after element – engagement. Whether they are delicious pictures of foreign cities or glamorous dinner place settings, her posts invite her followers in. You can see the effort that she puts into replying to comments too; something that would take time and thought. Hers certainly isn’t a “post and forget it” kind of brand. Building up this audience has obviously been a labour of love – Mrs O’s Twitter account dates back from July 2011 – that’s a lot of posts over the years.

Marketing Savvy
She’s not afraid to be salesy either, with shopping lists of fab shoes, women’s accessories and Christmas gifts crossing all platforms. This is also the mark of someone who already has a captive audience that love her brand and trust her suggestions, or in branding terms, a solid “brand loyalty”.

Media Engagement
She’s no stranger to being covered in the media herself. Mrs O has been interviewed or covered in a wide variety of travel magazines and websites including Vuello, Inportobay, Traveltrolley, Agenceluxury, Luxury Travel Blog, and Civilianglobal.  Many of them focus on how she has built such a strong brand while remaining authentic and true to herself.

Social Responsibility
Last but certainly not least, there’s a strong social responsibility angle to Mrs O. She is currently campaigning for bloggers and travel writers to travel and stay at their own expense after the pandemic, as their way of giving back to an industry that has given so much to them. She has become a voice in an industry that needs people like this: professionals who understand that it’s not right to just take, take, take. She has the launched the Paying our Way movement to this end, which was also featured in the Metro.



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