Lisa Orban, PhD
Lisa Orban, PhD - Founding Director

Bringing together her extensive training, experience and passion in both psychology and branding, Lisa founded Golden Notebook. A chartered clinical psychologist, Lisa trained and practiced in New York City for eleven years before relocating to London. She also worked in branding research at Young and Rubicam, New York and London. Lisa has appeared in magazines, newspapers and journals, such as The Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Stylist and Fabulous Magazine, and has made several media appearances in London, including on the BBC and ITV.

Roberta Galluccio Richardson, PhD
Roberta Galluccio Richardson, PhD - Chartered Psychologist

Roberta takes an active approach with clients to overcome obstacles that interfere with achieving their life goals and optimizing their full potential. Her extensive experience with diverse populations has allowed her to establish a comfortable and productive relationship with clients from different backgrounds. She was educated in Italy, England and the United States.

Chantelle Znideric
Chantelle Znideric - Personal Stylist

CHANTELLE ZNIDERIC is a highly acclaimed style consultancy, founded by award-winning personal stylist Chantelle Znideric. She is recognised as one of the UK’s leading fashion and style experts. Chantelle along with her experienced and talented stylist team have built up an enviable reputation for their unique approach to providing exceptional personal styling services for discerning individuals in the UK and overseas.

Daniel Stane
Daniel Stane - Executive Coach, Acumen Company

As one of the founding directors of The Acumen Company, Daniel is an experienced leadership coach and is passionate about supporting corporate managers and leaders to reach their potential and create balanced working environments that motivate their staff. His style is practical, down to earth and insightful, and clients often cite his ability to empower, motivate and inspire.

Susan Heaton Wright
Susan Heaton Wright - Voice and Communications Coach, Executive Voice

Susan helps successful individuals to make an impact with their voices and physical presence. Using her experience and expertise as a high quality performer and vocal expert, she has devised a range of techniques and exercises within training programmes to coach her clients to successfully communicate.