Just in time for the Olympics: An inspiring “no excuses” website

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In anticipation of the Olympic Games, Golden Notebook takes a look at the health and fitness aspect of personal branding.

My last blog post explored the health and fitness of our outer personal brand. But incorporating fitness into your self-branding plan is often easier said than done!

To help jump-start the fitness initiatives of Brits, a clever new service called spogo  just launched, bringing together sports, leisure centres and personal trainers all on one website. The scope is impressive, as spogo currently offers 30,000 venues and 5,000 clubs nationwide.  As advertised on the website, the way it works is to “simply pick [on the site] the activity you want at the place you want – then go!”

Check out their beta site for yourself…and give spogo your feedback:

After all, as we are reminded on spogo’s website, “2012 is the year of sporting inspiration and there really are no excuses with sport and fitness finder.”

See you after The Games!



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