Remembering a Beautiful Mind: A tribute to Stephen Hawking

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This month, the world lost one of the greatest minds in science. In lieu of our “Brand of the Month”, I wanted to post a tribute to renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, sharing some highlights of his remarkable story.   His story is one of beating the odds. Like Hawking’s mind, his ability to live so […]


Conveying your personal brand…in front of the camera!

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As part of our personal branding, many of us have regular professional photos taken for our social media or websites. As not everyone is a natural in front of the camera, it can really be an ordeal for some. Perhaps that why so many people update them so irregularly. However, old, out of date pictures […]

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A Year in Personal Branding, March Edition

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Welcome to the March edition of “A Year of Personal Branding“, where I’ve broken down key branding concepts as part of a month-by-month guide to help you with each step of growing (and implementing) your personal brand. I invite you to use these monthly Year of Personal Branding posts as a map that will allow you to […]

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