Remembering a Beautiful Mind: A tribute to Stephen Hawking

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This month, the world lost one of the greatest minds in science. In lieu of our “Brand of the Month”, I wanted to post a tribute to renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, sharing some highlights of his remarkable story. His story is one of beating the odds. Like Hawking’s mind, his ability to live so long […]


Conveying your personal brand…in front of the camera!

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As part of our personal branding, many of us have regular professional photos taken for our social media or websites. As not everyone is a natural in front of the camera, it can really be an ordeal for some. Perhaps that why so many people update them so irregularly. However, old, out of date pictures […]

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A Year in Personal Branding, March Edition

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Welcome to the March edition of “A Year of Personal Branding“, where I’ve broken down key branding concepts as part of a month-by-month guide to help you with each step of growing (and implementing) your personal brand. I invite you to use these monthly Year of Personal Branding posts as a map that will allow you to […]

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